CITIZENSHIP:  Birth Certifications for everyone that will occupy the unit.  If not a citizen of the United
States, bring
Visa, Alien Card, permanent resident card, or other immigration documents.
SOCIAL SECURITY:   A valid Social Security card must be provided for all persons who will reside in
the unit.
PICTURE IDENTIFICATION:  A valid picture identification (driver license, military, state, school, etc.)
must be provided for the head of household, regardless of age, as well as all other persons living in
the household who are 18 years of age or older.


CURRENT/PREVIOUS LANDLORD:  Name and complete mailing address of your current and previous
landlord(s) for the past three (3) years.  Student housing is considered as a landlord relationship.
CHARACTER REFERENCES:  Name, complete mailing address, and telephone number of three (3)
character references i.e., counselor, teacher, minister, employer, former employer, and not related to
PERSONAL REFERENCES:  Name, mailing address, and telephone number of two personal
references.  Personal references are also used as contact people.

INCOME AND/OR EXPENSES:  Do you have any of the following incomes or
expenses?  If so, bring the documentation requested.

EMPLOYMENT:  Bring name and mailing address of employer.
POST-SECONDARY STUDENT:  Bring current Financial Aid Award Letter and/or Loan documentation,
and current Class Schedule.  Students must also submit additional documentation to verify that they
are independent from parents/guardians.
DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES:  Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Aid to
Disabled (AD), Old Age Assistance (OAA), Aid to the Blind (AB), Food Stamps, etc., bring case
UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS:  Bring a printout from the Oklahoma Employment Services Commission.
ZERO, LOW OR UNDOCUMENTED INCOME:  Must complete the Zero, Low or Undocumented  Income
Checklist  If anyone outside of your household pays for or gives you money to pay any bills, a
notarized statement from them regarding the amount and frequency of the money received/bills paid.
numbers and mailing address for the source of benefits.
SOCIAL SECURITY:  For Social Security Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Widows Benefit, Child
Benefits, bring current verification of amounts received.  Examples of verifications: bank statement,
Social Security award letter, cost of living adjustment notice, SSA-1 099 (Social Security benefit
statement). Toll free telephone number to contact the
Social Security Administration is
Medicare premiums should be included.
BANK ACCOUNTS:  Bring name and mailing address of bank(s) and/or the most recent bank
statement for all checking/saving accounts, if available.
INTEREST/ANNUITIES:  Bring name and mailing address of bank(s) or company  from whom you are
receiving income.   If available, bring statements.
STOCKS:  Bring name and mailing address from company, or if available, bring statements for the
year or letter from the company showing income, number of shares owned and type of stock
(common or preferred).
RENTAL INCOME:  Bring information on any rental income received.
PROPERTY:  Bring verification of market value for all real estate properties owned, sold, or disposed
of within the last two years.
CHILD SUPPORT/ALIMONY:  Bring name and mailing address of the Child Support Enforcement
Agency.  If court ordered, bring court documents.
CHILD CARE ALLOWANCE INFORMATION:  Bring name and mailing address of Child Care Provider.  
Actual child care expenses for the care of children, including foster children, age 13 and younger, may
be deducted from annual income if requirements are met under the guidelines.
MEDICAL ALLOWANCE INFORMATION:  Bring name and mailing address of Doctors and
Pharmacies.  Over-the-counter medications are allowed if prescribed by a physician.
DISABILITY ASSISTANCE ALLOWANCE:  Bring in verification of care being provided for a disabled
family member who is over the age of 13.
PREGNANT:  Bring a letter/statement from the doctor stating you are pregnant, the expected due date,
and the sex of the child.  (Does not apply to Rural Development Housing.)
Applying for HUD Housing
Other Possible Landlords